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On This Ground: The History of Camp Friedlander

Camp Edgar Friedlander: 100 years of history packed into a single book! $30 for a soft bound, $125 for the leather bound fundraiser edition (only 40 produced!). For more information, see below.
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For 100 years, Camp Edgar Friedlander has been an outdoor adventure for Scouts, a place to call home among nature. From the gifting of the original land in 1919 to the current day camp, there have been numerous dining halls, a few pools, fire and destruction, reconstruction, old and new buildings, and various camping programs. Each visitor has their own memories of the camp, the staff, and the activities. For the first time, a comprehensive history of the camp has been documented and prepared, telling the story of the camp from the beginning to present day as it has developed into the its present-day form, building the excitement about what could come in the next 100 years! All sales support camp improvements. Order your copy today! $125 for a leather bound. Softbacks are available for $30.